DCS Intramural Volleyball Team

All years are welcome to apply, games will likely be on Sunday nights. 

Prince's Trust Operation Bootcamp

The Bootcamp will take place from 7-13th of June here in the RSB. With an array of positions available to best suit your skillset, this is a great opportunity to gain valuable and rewarding experience

The Dalhousie Commerce Society hires at the start of each term. However please feel free to reach out at any point in time to learn more about the future and past application processes, and the DCS team as a whole. 

Five Days Chair                     

Social Media Manager

Social Media Assistant

Apparel Chair

WeChat Ambassador

WeChat Coordinator

Case and Conferences Chair

Third Year Team Director

Third Year Representative

All Applications Due by January 13th 

Posting of the other representative positions as well as other society positions to come. Positions will be filled by the end of September, the posting will be made available at the start of September. 

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VP Finance -

VP Academic -

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