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Your New Executive Team 2019-2020

Kevin - pic.png

I love competition and am very excited to be working along side the rest of the incoming executive team this year to make this one of DCS’s best!


Kevin Vigneau

Tyler Bio PIc.jpeg

Hailing from Toronto, Tyler is an avid hockey fan. Often found at Splitties cheering on the Maples Leafs until April. We don’t ask what happens to the Leafs in April, but it usually involves some coarse language about Jake Gardiner, Mike Babcock and the Boston Bruins in game seven.

VP External

Tyler Ferguson


I’m Grant Walker, 4th Year Finance Major, and LGBTQ Advocate. Feel free to add me on LinkedIn!

VP Finance

Grant Alexander


My goal this year is to hear what you guys want. This is the commerce society afterall, feel free to reach out with any ideas or just come say hi! 

VP Marketing

Cali Barnstead

Harrison - pic.jpg

I want to make the upcoming year the best the Rowe has ever seen. Special skills include being able to sleep on planes while in the middle seat and cooking minute rice in under 45 seconds.

VP Academic

Harrison Makaruk

Tatum Bio photo.jpg

I’m here to support international schoolers to make their time in Hali cooler. I studied abroad, so I’m stoked to see new people join the Rowe squad. Come to me if you wanna start a new society cause you aren’t feeling the current variety. Lastly, join the Intermural team, we will be extreme!!

VP Internal 

Tatum Freigang

I love staying active, playing sports, and getting involved! Looking forward to building the Events Portfolio this year with a great team.

VP Events

Kara Feeley