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Katie Verge


For over a century, the Dalhousie Commerce Society has represented a cornerstone of student connection by uniting Commerce Co-op students with Faculty, helping to integrate the next generation of student leaders into Kjipuktuk/Halifax’s corporate community. At the Dalhousie Commerce Society, we have found remarkable success in simply following our mission statement. Stay “committed to enriching the commerce student experience”. By following this principle, the student voice remains at the forefront of our decision making and promotes student success, year-after-year.

To best serve over 1,500 Commerce Co-op students, the Dalhousie Commerce Society facilitates a diverse array of academic, social, and professional experiences. This has previously included case competitions, charitable funding initiatives, social events, student services, networking opportunities, and so much more. Most notably, in 2022 we facilitated our first ever Commerce vs. Engineering Charity Hockey Game, raising over $100,000.00 for the Canadian Cancer Society. We take immense pride in our ability to help guide students through their undergraduate journey, providing students with any support necessary to advocate their needs.


By working closely with Faculty, Dalhousie University, and our sponsors, we’ve enriched the student experience by providing depth to our students' degrees, outside of the classroom. As we transition into the new academic year, we’re relying on the generosity and support of these parties more than ever. As a donor, you will witness firsthand just how quickly a donation can spark change at the Dalhousie Commerce Society, and directly impact our students through our incredible and unique academic, social, and professional opportunities. 

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