Case and Conferences 

2020 - 2021

First Year Case Competition

First place team is guaranteed a spot in Atlantic Throwdown!

This case-competition is exclusive to all First-years and is a large competition with many teams. The event is sponsored by Pepsi-co and is a great opportunity for First-years who are new to competitions to learn the process. It’s also a good opportunity to learn how to network for your first Co-op. This event will potentially be held in-person and more info on the status of the event will come in the Fall.

This is the Case-competition exclusive to second years and is held during COMM Summer. The event was cancelled this year due to COVID-19 however will continue in future years.

The Atlantic Throwdown is an intercollegiate case competition that attracts schools from all across Atlantic Canada and is a full weekend event. The event has recently received additional support to grow it for this year and years to come. It’s scheduled for March 19 to March 21.

The event includes two different cases, socials and a Gala, an awards ceremony, and this year, if held in-person, will include workshops and networking opportunities. The event is fit for all individuals looking to Tryout as there are multiple streams to compete in. A decision will be made in the Fall on whether the event will be held in-person or virtually.

This case competition is exclusive to all the International students and is usually held in collaboration with the Management society to include their students as well. The event is scheduled for mid-November and will be held virtually.

The Rumble in the Rowe is a case competition that puts 4th year Commerce students against MBA students. The event is scheduled for Friday October 30th and will likely be held virtually.

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