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Below is a very tentative schedule - please take into account that this can and will change in the next week. 

6:00 PM Guests Arrive

6:00 PM Reception Begins

6:20 PM Doors Close

7:00 PM Call to Dinner

7:20 PM Opening Remarks

7:30 PM Entree is Served

8:05 PM (5) Awards

8:10 PM Clear Entree

8:15 PM Dessert is Served

8:45 PM (5) Awards

9:00 PM Clear Dessert

9:15 PM (5) Awards + Closing Remarks

9:30 PM Dance Begins 

11:30 PM Bar Closes

11:15 PM Busses Arrive


Dress Code



Formal dress includes suits and dresses (long dresses encouraged). 

For the after party, most people will be wearing their suits/dresses from the event. We do not have the space to store bags therefore it will be difficult to bring a change of clothes. 

Event Timing


to 11:30pm

The event starts promptly at 6:00pm, doors will be closing around 6:15pm. There will be a DJ at the event. 


The event itself will end at 1am, however we will start shuttling guests to the after party (location to be determined) starting around 11:30pm. The bar at the event will close at 11:30pm.

What to Bring




You will need to bring your ID. There is an external security team that will be checking everyone’s ID to make sure they are over 19.

There will be coat check available at the event. 


We would suggest not to bring anything beyond a purse/small bag as there will not be space to check them at the front. 

Drinks, Drinks & More Drinks

Drink Tickets

Cash Bar

Yes, there will be a cash bar. However, we will be providing drink tickets. 


Each attendee will receive 3 drink tickets (to be confirmed). 


We will send an email confirming the dates to pick up your drink tickets. We will not be issuing more tickets, therefore if you lose them before the event we cannot provide more.



10 People Max

The tables are set for groups of 10. 

Starting Feb 24th we will be accepting an emailed list of the ten (10) people you would like to sit with. If you do not submit your name/group before March 1st you will be randomly assigned. Please email this request to Paige McVittie or Jaxon Spencer


If you don't have a full table to sit with, please still submit the list of people you would like to sit with and we will match smaller groups together to make a complete table.



Top Three

There will be 15 awards that will be presented during the sit down dinner.


Starting Feb 25th – Feb 27th there will be a link posted on the DCS page to the voting page. From Feb 27th - March 1st we will post an updated link where you can choose from the top three candidates for each award.

There is a limit of one award per person, therefore if one person wins multiple awards the person with the second most amounts of votes will receive it. 



If you choose to drink at this event we recommend that you drink lightly before the event. The event will be running from 6:00pm-2:00am (this is a marathon not a sprint) and we would suggest that you start the evening slowly.

As the security is contracted by the venue (a government property) the security will be very strict about admitting people who seem to be under the influence. 


The security checks will not be conducted by Dal’s sober chaperones, but by the external security. Do not bring any outside items as security will not permit you to the event if they find anything

If you have any other specific questions that are not answered above, please reach out to us. 


We would be happy to answer any questions you have and add them to the FAQ! 

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